Lost Boys: The Thrist

06/02/2017 16:45

Film: Lost Boys: The Thirst

Year: 2010

Director: Dario Piana

Writer: Evan Charnov and Hans Rodionoff

Starring: Corey Feldman, Tanit Phoenix Copley and Casey B. Dolan



This film starts out in Washington D.C. A man is put into a chair by two vampires that are wearing suits. They look to be secret service agents. A man is going to be fed on by them and he is played by Matthew Dylan Roberts. One of the vampires is in a wheelchair and he needs have his false teeth put in to feed. Two men bust in. They are the Frog brothers, played by Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander. They save Roberts and Newlander gives chase. Feldman comes in as he is given vampire blood and he turns. He flees into the night.

Feldman wakes up to pounding at his door. He lives in a trailer and we see that he is going to be evicted from it. He is behind on his payments. He goes into town to a comic book shop where he is trying to sell some of his old comics. He is getting low-balled though. A woman comes in, played by Casey B. Dolan. She has a crush on him and tells him she will try to get more from eBay for him if he wants.

When he gets home, there is a woman waiting for him there. She is a famous author played by Tanit Phoenix Copley. He invites her in to hear what she has to say. She wants to hire him to kill the Alpha master vampire and to save her younger brother from him. He declines to help her though. She leaves her card and tells him that she is staying at the local hotel.

Feldman goes to visit his brother. He tells him about the offer he got and thinks this could be a way to cure him. He doesn’t buy into it and declines to help. Newlander bares his fangs and Feldman leaves.

He meets with Copley and she strategically changes where Feldman can see her and listens to what she has to say. There have been raves going on all over Europe. There is a new designer drug called The Thirst that is being used. It is actually vampire blood. Copley’s brother was at a rave in Ibiza. He is played by Felix Mosse. The DJ is the master vampire played by Seb Castang. With him is a giant vampire played by Hennie Bosman. There are two women as well played by Tanya van Graan and Ingrida Kraus.

Feldman agrees to kill the vampire, but he expects Copley to pay for the weapons he will need to complete his mission. She also called in someone else when he didn’t agree at first. This guy is a reality star played by Steven van Niekerk. He doesn’t actually believe he will have to kill vampires, but is using this to keep up his fame. He is accompanied by his camera man played by Joe Vaz.

Before going to his weapon maker, Feldman visits the grave from a character in the first film, this was played by Corey Haim. He leaves an issue of Batman, volume 14, that Haim was looking for at his grave. When he gets back into his truck, he finds an old book about vampires that his brother has left him. He takes it to Dolan, who tells him she will look through it and see if she can give him anything to help. She is attacked by a vampire after he leaves though, but Feldman didn’t go far. They fight, but Dolan has what the vampire thinks is mace, but it is really holy water. She kills it.

Feldman decides to bring her a long to meet with Roberts. They choose the weapons that they are going to need for this mission. Before they can leave, they are attacked by vampires. Dolan points out all of the weapons are in the car, so they have to improvise with things they find around the place.

They learn that the rave is going to be taking place at a slaughter house factory on a nearby island. Feldman and Dolan meet with Niekerk, Vaz and Copley. Can they save Mosse before it is too late? Is Castang really the master vampire? Will he be able to create his army from this rave? What is really happening here with this ritual?

I have to say that I enjoyed this film better than the previous one. I liked that they followed Feldman as the main character and they tied back in Newlander. I was really confused by the end of the previous film when he showed up and I’m glad that this one explained it. I also really like the concept this film had with drug The Thirst. I’ve never been to a rave myself, but from what you hear about them, there are random drugs that go around them. I think it is an interesting thing that with the amount of people that go to these that it would be genius for a vampire to bottle his blood and use it to turn people if you want to make an army. Some of the interactions between the vampires and the people were good, even though some of the weapons they use are a little bit corny. I will give it some leeway there though. The women they cast in this film were very good looking as well so that was a plus for me. I also really liked the twist that they had at the end.

This film could have been better. There were some things that happen that I wasn’t a big fan of. An example of this was when they are trying to figure out where the nest was, they think it is the slaughter house and they just accept it as it has to be. It ends up being right and I just didn’t like that they didn’t have to figure it out more. I absolutely hated the fight scenes with Feldman and a vampire using swords. He is slow and not athletic so it didn’t look good on film. How they kill the master vampire was slightly farfetched, but I will still give them credit for thinking of it.

With that said, this film is mediocre. It is not nearly as good as the original, but it is better than the second film in the trilogy. The acting is decent, but nothing great. Feldman is solid though reprising his role as Edgar Frog. Some of the interactions with the vampires are good while a few are not so good. The story has some good concepts that I enjoyed and thought were interesting. I would recommend this one if you are out to see all the films in this series, but you can just watch the original film to get the maximum enjoyment. This one as I have said is better than the one before it, but if you want a solid vampire film, there are better ones out there.


My Rating: 5 out of 10