About Me

My name is David Garrett Jr. and I'm sure you can tell from this site that I love horror films. I have grown up watching them as it was a right of passage in my family. I can remember back to watching the 1990 version of Night of the Living Dead and the 1979 Dawn of the Dead with my father and sister. I can remember watching Demons and A Return of the Living Dead as a young boy as well as the original A Nightmare On Elm Street with my cousins.
I went to The Ohio State University where I earned my degree in English and film studies. I have been writing ever since I was little. I have wrote short stories while growing up. I still continue to write them along with novels, screenplays, sports articles and of course, movie reviews.
I have worked at a Family Video in the past where I was the resident horror movie expert. This is also a position that I have taken up with my friends. I have decided to watch every horror film that I can get my hands on. Around Halloween everyone loves horror films, but this is something that is year round for me.
Through this I would like to share reviews of the films that I watch, give recommendations and to help those that want to expand their viewing base. I will also post lists that will rank films, making my goal to find the best horror films out there. I would love to hear your feedback, good or bad. Please take advantage to voice your own opinion.