The Seen - Episode 1

10/22/2016 14:08
Today I watched The Seen which is Episode 1 of a supernatural thriller created by Rever Entertainment.
This episode follows Tarik who's left hand is known as The Darkhand. Through his dreams he goes to Hell where he helps those that are lost. In this episode we see him waking up there and helping a woman with two children who are walking toward certain disaster.
We are also introduced to other characters who are living in this world. There is a man who is given an offer to get the love of his life back. We also see demons who want The Darkhand.
This show is based off of a graphic novel, which I have read the first chapter. I would say the episode is quite a bit different, but both introduce us to our main character and give an idea of what to expect going forward.
This is a low-budget endeavor, but I personally give people credit to do what they can to make the art they are interested in. It is weird and an interesting concept. If this sounds good, I would recommend giving it a viewing. The first episode is 6 minutes long and can be found at the link below. Also listed is the link to the graphic novel.
Rating: 5 out of 10