Jurassic World

04/27/2017 16:38

Film: Jurassic World

Year: 2015

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Writer: Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly

Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ty Simpkins



This film begins at the house of a family. The mother is played by Judy Greer. Her husband is played by Andy Buckley. They have two sons. The younger one loves dinosaurs and is a genius, played by Ty Simpkins. His older brother is played by Nick Robinson. He has a girlfriend that he is not too distraught to leave behind. They are going to stay with their aunt for a week that runs the newer park, Jurassic World.

Their aunt is played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She is very emotionless and all about the numbers. She meets with her boss, who is played by Irrfan Khan. Khan is a billionaire that took the park over for Dr. Hammond. He cares about the public having a great time, but also wants the dinosaurs to be happy. Howard takes Khan to see the new dinosaur they have created for the park. It is white and is quite scary. It is actually a hybrid that was genetically altered, named Indominus Rex. Clearly we see that it is part Tyrannosaur Rex. It also has a horrible attitude, in that it killed its sibling.

We then meet the other star, played by Chris Pratt. He has trained the Velociraptors to listen to him, but we shortly after see that they are still wild animals. Pratt speaks with Vincent D’Onofrio, who sees a military application to having beasts like this. Pratt also works alongside with Omar Sy.

Simpkins and Robinson arrive at the park and they are met with an assistant to Howard, played by Katie McGrath. They end up running into Howard, who pretty much tells them that she is too busy to spend time with them at the moment. They feel it and they are bothered by it. The two slip away from McGrath and start to go see the fun things.

The film shows us around the park through these two boys a bunch of different dinosaurs and exhibits. They should be kept in mind, because they are all going to play a part later in the film.

Howard visits Pratt to ask him to check out the new dinosaur’s paddock to ensure that it is safe. During their initial talk, we realize that they went out on a date and it didn’t go well. They arrive to the paddock, but they can’t find the dinosaur. They believe it has escaped.  Howard leaves to go back to the control room. She calls Jake Johnson, who works there along with Lauren Lapkus. Johnson informs them that it is still inside the paddock.

Howard tries to tell them this, but it is too late. The new, hybrid dinosaur flees, killing in its wake. Howard then informs them that they need to evacuate the park. Khan disagrees and believes that they have protocols in place that will work. It is decided to send in a team to subdue and capture it.

When Pratt arrives, he states that the dinosaur will kill all of them. He doesn’t think it can just be subdued. He is right. The unit is decimated.

Howard panics when she realizes that McGrath is not with her nephews. She is even more freaked when she learns there is one gyrosphere that is missing. The two boys ignored returning and actually left the fence. They encounter was other dinosaurs as well as the hybrid. They are attacked by it. Howard tries to call them, but they can’t get to the phone.

Pratt and Howard are on their trail to save them. While they are, Pratt realizes that the new dinosaur is not hunting for food, but is hunting for sport. It is trying to learn that where its place is in the food chain now that it is free for the first time. Khan also has plans to open up live ammunition to bring this monster down while D’Onofrio is hiding a secret. He also wants to use the raptors to bring it down.

Can this dinosaur be stopped? Will any of their plans work or will this island be destined to the same fate as the other park did 22 years ago? Will any of them survive this ordeal?

I have to say that I love this series and I felt this film was great. I love that the first one it is epic to see the dinosaurs, but I love that a mere 22 years later, it is now old news and that they want more, so they are genetically altering them. I feel this film is a great satire of society and what it does. I felt the acting was good. I think Pratt was a solid action hero, but added some comedy to it which was good. Howard’s character and her arc was really good as well. The dinosaurs look great; the CGI is well done and looked real. I thought the story was solid overall as well.

My problem with this film is that it is geared toward families to watch, so it does get a little bit corny. In the end, you find yourself cheering for dinosaurs like they know they are helping people, when they see a challenge that in nature they would take on for survival. This could be me reading into something as a viewer who wants it to be more adult as well. That is really my only issue with the film.

I would highly recommend giving this one a viewing. It has good acting, the dinosaurs look real and we get a lot of interaction between them. The story is solid overall and also makes us look at ourselves as a society. It is geared toward families, which is my biggest gripe looking at it as a horror film. This is being added to the horror film research due to having giant monsters that end up attacking humans. I would recommend this film if you like the series or just want to see a solid film.


My Rating: 8 out of 10