The Ogre

05/07/2018 07:27

Film: The Ogre

Year: 1989

Director: Lamberto Bava

Writer: Lamberto Bava and Dardano Sacchetti

Starring: Paolo Malco, Virginia Bryant and Sabrina Ferilli



 I have to say that coming in; I originally watched this because it was supposed to be an alternative sequel to the Demons films series. This one only used that to try to make money, because it has nothing to do with them and is really a film that stands alone. This was actually made as a part of a television show and the official synopsis for this episode is: A sexually confused young woman is haunted by childhood memories when she moves into an old mansion in Italy with her husband and young son.

I will say that I really like the concept of this film. I like that we have a horror writer that uses her dreams for her stories. I also like that this film is fulfilling a life long prophecy that she should stay in this villa. I personally also love horror films that use characters that are into the genre as well.

The musical selection that it is in this film is great as well. It sets the tone for the scenes, even though they reuse the same two songs over and over. It definitely gives the film a much creepier vibe which was needed.

I also thought the look of the monster as good as well. They only give glimpses of it early on, which I definitely think is strong move, especially if what your creature looks like is done practically. We end up seeing it much later into the film though and I still didn’t mind it. It fun that this film is called Demons 3: The Ogre, since what we are doing with is an Ogre.

Now I did have some issues. The first and foremost is that this film trying to capitalize on a successful series. The director is Lamberto Bava, who did director Demons 1 and 2, but this film has nothing to do with them, though it is hard to fault the filmmakers from trying to get people to view this by using that. I learned that especially with foreign horror films, they do this a lot. I also didn’t understand why the ogre is wearing such weird clothing. It actually kind of made me laugh when it first appeared. This film is also kind of boring as it takes a little too long to get going.

With that said, I would avoid this film. This film does have a good concept, with a horror writer staying in a scary place from a nightmare in her childhood. The monster looked good except for its outfit. This film has a good musical score to set the tone. This film does try to piggy-back off two films that were much better when they shouldn’t be connected. This film is also hit with being boring, taking too long to get started and not fully fleshing out what they wanted to do. I would say there are films that are similar, but much better done than this one. I would not recommend a viewing.


My Rating: 4 out of 10