The Evil of Frankenstein

10/06/2015 20:18

Film: The Evil of Frankenstein

Year: 1964

Director: Freddie Francis

Writer: Anthony Hinds

Starring: Peter Cushing, Peter Woodthorpe and Duncan Lamont



In this film, we have the Baron and the doctor who creates the monster played by Peter Cushing. The film begins with a man who is dead, lying in his home on a table by an open window. The body is pulled out and we hear screaming from the house. The body is brought to Cushing and he pays the man for it.

He is doing experiments on different body parts and cuts the heart from the body. He places it inside of what looks like a fish tank and gets it to begin beating again. A local priest is told what is happening and he comes to Cushing’s home. He destroys some of the experiments, causing Cushing to flee.

We learn he is going to Karlstaad, a town where he originally did his experiments and is not welcome. He goes to his castle to find that things are missing and it is in shambles. We learn from a flashback that he has already succeeded in creating a monster, but it is unruly and thought to have been destroyed.

Cushing and his assistant go into town, but are discovered and run out. They hide in a cave with a deaf, mute wild woman, played by Katy Wild, and inside the cave they find his monster, frozen inside a chunk of ice. They thaw it and try to return it to life, but to no avail. Cushing gets the idea to shock his brain mentally and enlist the help of a hypnotist, played by Peter Woodthorpe.

He gets the creature to awake, but he also is the only one that can control it as well. His greed and anger at the town that ran him out as well as drinking pushes him to use his new creature as a pawn. Can Cushing stop the creature before it is too late?

This film is really lacking the story department. At first Cushing hasn’t succeeded yet, but then we learn he has and the creature was out of control. Wild’s character doesn’t make sense outside of having her in the film for her looks. Woodthorpe waking up the creature with hypnotizing it doesn’t make a bit of sense. This film is actually quite boring for most of it. The action is all in the last half hour and there isn’t much there really as well.

I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are a big horror film fan and willing to put up with a sub-par horror film. Cushing’s performance is solid, so if you’re a fan of him, I believe you could tolerate this film.


My Rating: 6 out of 10