The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State

06/30/2023 08:16

Film: The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State

Year: 2023

Director: Seth Breedlove

Starring: Aaron Deese and Shannon Legro




This is another documentary from Seth Breedlove that was sent over to me as a screener thanks to Justin Cook. Since I have a lot of fun checking these out, when I saw the name attached, I knew that it would be one that I watch. It wasn’t until settling in that I realized that the Dogman was a werewolf like Cryptid. This is then having people who have encountered it sharing their stories.

Synopsis: do real werewolves exist in the lone star state? Dozens of terrified witnesses have recounted seeing something that defies our own understanding of the animal kingdom. Author Aaron Deese joins investigator Shannon Legro on a road trip across Texas for the truth.

Now this starts out like an old-time documentary you’d get from like the 1970s. The subject here is trying to get people to come visit Texas. There is a section about being careful about certain dangerous animals. It gets even creepier when it introduces Dogman. This cryptid can apparently call out to you in the voice of a loved one. This warns you about protecting yourself and staying inside.

It is from there that we got into this documentary. Much like the synopsis said, we are following Aaron who wrote a book about Dogman in Texas. He interviewed people who have had encounters and it is from his research that he noticed a pattern. There seems to be a 700 square foot section that stretches from San Antonio to Houston to Dallas where the concentration of sightings are.

He's not alone in this search. He’s joined by Shannon. My introduction to her was through Breedlove’s In Search of UFOs where she conducted interviews and collected her own data on the subject. These two make a good team as they travel from these three points and talk to those that have met up with this spooky creature.

Coupling with this, we get articles from the past to help fill in gaps. What caught my attention is trying to explore where the lore may have come from. Much like the rest of the United States, Texas is a melting pot. There are Europeans who settled there, bringing lore like the werewolf. Native Americans believe in an entity called the Skinwalker which can shapeshift. Over in Louisiana there is the Rougarou which is similar and lives in the swamps. What is crazy is how different places have people with their own myths and folklore that is like things from other places. It is things like that which make me wonder if there is truth to what people are saying.

Now what I will say is that this is another well-made documentary. The cinematography looks good. I like the fact that they go out there to interview people and there are people that take them out to show our duo where they saw what they did. Then to go along with that, this uses animation and CGI to also show us. You should know coming in that it isn’t real, since it wasn’t caught on footage. That’s not to say these people didn’t see something they can’t explain. I just mean don’t take what you see here as true footage.

In conclusion, this is another solid documentary about cryptids. I like that at the least, this explores local legends and folklore of Dogman. It was something I’ve heard of. I didn’t know much about it coming in. I will warn you though. This isn’t going to give you the full history. This is more of taking what has been discovered and relayed to Aaron and Shannon. If that sounds like something that piques your interest, give this a watch. It flies by and is well-made.


My Rating: 6.5 out of 10