The Amityville Haunting

08/17/2015 20:25

Film: The Amityville Haunting

Year: 2011

Director: Geoff Meed


Starring: Devin Clark, Jon Kondelik and Tyler Shamy



This film begins outside of the Amityville house. There are two couples that are going to check it out and they bring up the history of what happened there with the two families, one of the families being where the brother killed everyone and the other being the Lutz family, who the original film and book are about. They go inside to party and everyone ends up dead.

We next see the house were a family is going to be moving in. There is a father, mother, two daughters and a son, who is played by Devin Clark. The father is ex-military; the mother a nurturer, the eldest daughter has an attitude and gets into trouble. The other daughter ends up being really weird and having a ghost for a friend. Clark is important because he films everything and walks around with a video camera.

The first night the back door opens on its own and stays that way all night. The father is crazy and blames it on everyone in the family. He then takes matters into his own hands by putting in an alarm as well as a security camera. A side note, this security camera can see ghosts, while Clark’s doesn’t.

More strange things happen. A boy comes into the house to see the eldest daughter, but when he gets kicked out he is pulled off camera with a scream. More high-tech cameras are put in and the father loses his mind as the ghosts break him down. The only thing is, he loses it because he can’t stop them from doing what they are. The youngest daughter ends up making friends with a ghost. This ghost really wants a friend and wants her to stay there forever and no one believes Clark.

Can they stop this all before it is late?

This film is bad. It is a cheap knockoff that mixes Paranormal Activity and the story of Amityville. The only problem is, they use ideas that were from PA, but don’t do anything worth seeing with it. Most of what we see is the expressions as they’re pulled off screen. I usually am all about not seeing things because it is scarier when we don’t, but this one shows a couple ghosts which ruins it, but then kills everyone off camera, for the most part.

I would avoid this one. It doesn’t even have credits, trying to make it seem real like PA did. It isn’t scary; it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and is a waste of time. I would avoid this one. They don’t even use the real Amityville house or one that even really looks like it.


My Rating: 3 out of 10