On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors

04/05/2022 06:11

Film: On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors

Year: 2022

Director: Seth Breedlove

Writer: Seth Breedlove

Starring: Shannon LeGro



This is another documentary that I got the opportunity to see through a screener that was sent to me via Justin Cook. This is continuing the documentary series where Seth Breedlove and his crew, Small Town Monsters, team up again with investigator Shannon LeGro. This time it is taking us to Colorado. There are cases of cattle mutilation and strange lights in the sky. Our team here meets with experts from the area as well as interview people to learn of their experiences.

We kick this off with our te meeting at the Miller ranch. They interview the owner who tells them that periodically, his cows will be killed by something. There are times that it looks like there are laser cuts on the hide or bones broken as if falling from a great height. He isn’t the only one of who has issues like this in the area. Shannon and the Small Town Monsters crew meets with others who have animals being attacked or some who have even had direct encounters.

What I like about Breedlove’s documentaries is his approach. He doesn’t push an agenda. He documents what the people are telling him and allows us as the viewer to make our own determination. I also like that he reaches out to experts in the field. I’m not going to go into my own personal beliefs here too much, but I haven’t seen evidence that aliens or people had real encounters. I do know that the government came out with the information that there have been aliens coming to Earth, but I haven’t investigated it enough to satisfy my belief. I’m not here to refute the people that are interviewed as they truly believe what they experienced. I cannot disprove them.

If I do have a drawback to this documentary, we don’t get the other side. I can understand why we don’t, but it would give more credence for me to hear the voice of dissidence. This could also strengthen the argument if experts on the other side give their explanation. I will say that the people interviewed here do point out that some of the cases that come to them have been disproven. That works for me a bit. Interviewing an expert or two on the other side would help me to believe more here for sure.

What I will give credit to here is that some of the stories they talk about are creepy. The theories they introduce are as well. Colorado is interesting as this state doesn’t have the largest population. There are mountains and valleys, which they believe explains part of the reason for the high number of sightings. I didn’t realize that there are large areas of flat lands. There is also not as much light pollution which helps to increase the number of sightings. Colorado also has a high number of military bases and personnel. This does explain some of the sightings. I could also see secret or high-tech machinery that hasn’t been revealed to the public being the reason. This documentary also introduces the idea that the military could be here due to the sightings as well, doing their own investigations. That would make sense to me.

From here, I will take this to the cinematography and effects we get in the movie. This is shot well. It looks good. Being a documentary, it has the classic set up of interviewing. Whether that is in a room or out on the land of the people in question. I like getting to see the landscapes in question. There is also some CGI, but I don’t mind this. This is showing us a re-enactment of what people are saying. It isn’t being passed off as real. It is showing us with the voice-over to explain it. I think that helps keep us engaged. That all works for me. I should also include here that the sound design and music going with this works for what is needed.

I think that is about the extent of what I want to go into this movie. The only other thing I could do is go into the individual stories that it gives us and I don’t want to do that. In conclusion, this is another well-made documentary from Breedlove with the help of LeGro. I like the different people who claim to have encounters are interviewed. The only thing that would make this better would be the other side of the argument. This could disprove or reinforce what they’re saying if they can’t. Regardless though, this is solid to me. If you believe in aliens and want to see a well-made documentary giving what people have had happen to them, give this a watch. This is an above average movie. Not one I’d probably come back to, but I enjoyed it.


My Rating: 7 out of 10


On the Trail of UFOs: Night Visitors debuts on major streaming platforms on April 5th, from 1091 Pictures, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW.