Knock Knock

05/10/2017 16:33

Film: Knock Knock

Year: 2015

Director: Eli Roth

Writer: Eli Roth, Nicolás López and Guillermo Amoedo

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas



This film follows a man played by Keanu Reeves. He is an architect and a former DJ. He is married to Ignacia Allamand who is an artist that does sculptures and paintings. They have two children played by Dan Baily and Megan Baily. Allamand and both children are going to the beach to stay for the weekend. Reeves cannot because he has to finish his project. We also meet the agent for Allamand, he is played by Aaron Burns. It is also Father’s Day.

This family is close as they Facetime with Reeves that night. It should also be pointed out that Reeves hurt his shoulder and it is still in the process of healing. He doesn’t do his physical therapy as he should though.

It rains that night and Reeves is working late. The doorbell rings after midnight. Reeves isn’t sure that is what he hears and goes to the door. He finds two young women outside, soaking wet. One of them is played by Lorenza Izzo and the other is Ana de Armas. They tell him that no one seems to be home, but him and ask if he knows the house they are looking for. He states that he doesn’t. Izzo’s phone has died due to getting wet and Armas didn’t bring hers. Reeves tells them that they can use his phone to figure out where to go. Izzo tells him they don’t know the number as it is saved in her phone, but asks if she can use his computer. He agrees and allows them to enter.

He gives them towels, robes and they undress. He puts their clothes into the dryer. They figure out where the party really is and then he requests an Uber for them. While they wait, they ask questions about him and he gets to know them as well. The more they talk, the more the women come onto Reeves.

The driver arrives, but Izzo is in the bathroom. Armas goes in to get her. Reeves then goes in to see what is holding up them and finds them both naked. They then go down on him and perform fellatio. He then makes love to both of them.

He sleeps in and wakes up to multiple missed calls and texts from his wife. He doesn’t find either of the young women. He then goes into the kitchen and hears commotion. They have made a big mess and are eating breakfast. Reeves is shocked. His wife then calls on Facetime and he goes outside to answer it. The women call after him, flashing him while he talks to her.

After he gets off the phone, he is angry and tells them both to get dressed. Before he can get them out of the house, his physical therapist shows up, she is played by Colleen Camp. Izzo comes out and comes on to Reeves in front of her. She is irate and leaves in disgust. He then takes them to where they claim to live and drops them off.

Reeves goes home and cleans up. He then goes back to work. He then hears something and he goes to check it out. Izzo comes up behind him and knocks him out. Reeves wakes up and he is tied up. Izzo and Armas are back. They are claiming that they are underage and that they are going to punish him for what he did to them and his family.

Can Reeves get away and survive this? What will they do to him? What forms of torture do they have in mind? Is there anyone that will come to his aid?

I want to lead of stating that this film has a great concept. I am not condoning that he cheated on his wife, but it would be extremely hard to not do what he does. In that respect I feel bad for him, but then again, he does some questionable things that progress the situation much farther than it should have. These women also become quite psychopathic in what they do and make it quite scary. What makes it even worse is that they really do not have a rhyme or reason why they do it, as they give a few different reasons as the film progresses. They are also both nude in this film, which was pretty amazing to see. I will also say that both of them use their sexuality very well and they are very convincing with it.

Now this film was not as good as it should have been. First off, I am not a big fan of Reeves in general. I think he is perfect for some roles, but this one required him to show some emotions and he doesn’t do it. He is bland. The only reason that I felt bad for him was that he made a mistake that most men would make and he is being punished for it. The film also does get a little bit boring as it drags on. I also hated the very last image. I didn’t mind the ending, until the very last scene which came off as cheesy.

This film did have a great concept, beautiful women and could have been great. It falls flat for me though. Part of that was that Reeves was miscast in this film. His lack of emotion ruins a film like this. The film is also boring, which is a surprise for a film that comes from Eli Roth. The film does have some good scenes, it did frustrate me as I felt equally bad and felt he deserved what he got. It was also nice to see both of these women nude as well, if you are into that type of thing. Outside of that though, this film wasn’t as nearly good as it should have been. There are other films from this genre that are much better than this one.


My Rating: 5 out of 10