Half Moon

01/18/2017 16:44

Film: Half Moon

Year: 2010

Director: Jason Toler

Writer: Jason Toler

Starring: Tori Black, Shauna Lenne and Marek Matousek



This film begins with a man cleaning up a hotel room. We find there is a dead girl lying on the bed and she is nude. Next we jump to two girls getting ready. We learn that they are both prostitutes. From there we go to the bathroom, where another prostitute is trying to clean up her face, she has been crying and she is played by Tori Black. We get a quick flashback of an African-American man having sex with her and I believe the film is trying to say she was raped, but that is never said or explained.

We meet their pimp, who is played by Torey D. Sutton. He gives all three girls a new cellphone and tells them the new rules. He tells them to stay near the strip, not to go home with anyone but white or Armenian men and then gives them a few codes to text him if they need something.

Black is out on the streets when she meets a friend who tells her about a sugar-daddy she has that pays her big money for barely anything. When her friend goes to bathroom behind a building she is arrested. Her phone goes off and Black answers it, agreeing to meet him.

The man is played by Marek Matousek. He has dinner with Black and they talk. She wants to have sex with him and get it over with since that is what she thinks he wants and she believes all men want. She watches him put a lot of money into a safe as well.

Their talk brings them closer together and they have sex, but when Black goes into the bathroom to find what she thinks to be a rape kit, she freaks out. She stabs him with a needle and it knocks him out. She calls up Sutton and explains the situation to him. He leaves to get tools to crack the safe, but they tie up Matousek before he goes.

The two tell each other their history and it is a parallel, similar experience, her as a prostitute and he tells her he is a werewolf, with the money being for a treatment that will cure him. Will she believe his tale and find compassion? Or will she choose the disbelieve the crazy tale?

This film isn’t good. Black’s acting is decent at best, she is great looking and she is half-naked for the whole film. We even see her naked, but her being an adult film star, you can see that whenever. Matousek isn’t that bad in his character either.

The problem I have with this film is that it is a dual character piece. Black and Matousek telling different, but similar tales of how they aren’t in control of their bodies, her being a prostitute and him being a werewolf, but the problem is that is just drags out and there is nothing much there. There is a lot of dialogue that wasn’t needed with very little explanation of certain things in this film. I feel like this film had pieces there to be good, but doesn’t do enough to make it worth watching.

I wouldn’t recommend this film. As stated the acting isn’t very good and for a film like this, it is important. There really is only the one setting. Black is easy on the eyes, but she lacking somewhat in the acting department. I thought the concept was good, especially drawing the parallel of a person who is a werewolf to someone who is a prostitute. It did make me feel some compassion for someone in Black’s situation. The film unfortunately fails to accomplish its goal and for that reason, I would avoid this one.


My Rating: 4 out of 10