Friday the 13th: Part III

01/15/2020 06:26

Film: Friday the 13th: Part III

Year: 1982

Director: Steve Miner

Writer: Martin Kitrosser and Carol Watson

Starring: Dana Kimmell, Tracie Savage and Richard Booker



Picking up where the last one left off, this third installment to the franchise continues Jason Voorhees was left for dead. The official synopsis is having revived from his wound, Jason takes refuge at a cabin near Crystal Lake. As a group of co-eds arrive for their vacation, he continues his killing spree.

There are a couple of things that really need to be pointed out to start this review off. The first is that this one was filmed in 3D. Now I’m not the biggest fan of 3D and I do feel that this film tries to do a lot of cheesy things with it. This doesn’t ruin the film, but this is something that really stuck out to me. The other thing and the more importantly is that this is the film where Jason (Richard Booker) gets his iconic hockey mask. I know there are a lot of rumors as to who came up with this and why. Regardless, it is great that he finally gets his iconic look.

As I kind of alluded to above, this film picks up what feels like the next day or recently after what happened in part 2. It shows us the scenes to fill us in before Jason attacks a couple that run a little roadside store. I do have to give this film credit in that they hide his face until he gets his mask. This was something that I felt was pretty cool as they get quite creative actually. It is also solild that he is hiding out at this cabin until the people show up and then he primarily hides out in their barn to avoid detection. One problem I had with continuity is that he was ‘killed’ in the previous film with taking a blow to the shoulder. We get nothing of that wound outside of the opening shot and I wasn’t a fan of that.

Something I will give this film credit for is the teens that show up. They all aren’t fleshed out, but they do well in introducing us to the final girl Chris (Dana Kimmell). Her back-story was interesting to me in that this fills in a little bit of Jason’s as well where she had a run-in with him a couple of years ago. She has had trouble returning to this cabin since then. I do have a slight issue with the what they’re saying Jason tried to do, as it doesn’t really fit his back-story. Also joining her is Debbie (Tracie Savage) who is pregnant, but I don’t really see why that was introduced as it goes no where. Her boyfriend Andy (Jeffrey Rogers) as well as Shelly (Larry Zerner) who is a jokester that no one finds funny and his blind date Vera (Catherine Parks) all joining them on this trip. They also meet Rick (Paul Kratka) who is dating Chris. To round it out is a stoner couple as well. Shelly gets fleshed out and I’m not a fan of this character overall, as a lot of what happens is his fault.

I do feel that the film is paced and edited well. The film has a running time around an hour and half. To me it really gets into pretty quickly. There’s only a lull to introduce these characters before we get what we came here for, to see Jason start picking them off. I don’t mind how the film ends. It brings a similar jump-scare to end it, but I didn’t mind that.

The acting for the film is fine. I think that Booker was a good Jason. His look was fitting, but I do have an issue that the wound from the previous film isn’t in this one. I thought Kimmell was fleshed out and made a good final girl. Zerner’s character is annoying, but that’s what they were going for. I have to commend him how it was played. The rest of the cast really isn’t fleshed out, but they are still likeable characters. I thought all of the women were easy on the eyes and makes for an enjoyed experience. I do have to call out Kratka’s character. He is quite pushy with Kimmell and it comes off a little creepy. I do think part of that was the time the film was made, but I didn’t care for him.

As for the effects of the film, I do have a little bit of issue here. I think the deaths that we see are good. The blood was also solid. My problem isn’t with the effects of the film, but with the censors. This film doesn’t seem to be as heavily cut like the previous one, but enough for I wanted to see more with some of the kills. That is really my only complaint in this department.

The score of the film was good. Harry Manfredi came back to do this score. I thought it was interesting that he went a little bit more electronic with this one, but I dug it. We do get more a classical score during the film’s more tense moments and it definitely helps to build the tension.

Now with that said, this film isn’t my favorite in the series, but I think it is good. This one is iconic in that Jason gets it masked. It also picks up where the last one left off. My only issue goes back to the wound received in the previous film. I thought this one does good in introducing the characters enough where I care what happens to them. I think that Kimmell is a good final girl. Booker played a solid Jason. I do have a slight issue with the back-story, as I don’t know if that necessarily fits the Jason Voorhees lore though. The editing and the pacing were both solid. Effects were cut from the film, so I can’t hold that against it too much. I do think the ones we see are good though. The score was good in my opinion and helped what the film needed. As I said, this one does some good things and if you like the series, this is a must see. I feel this is a good film.


My Rating: 8 out of 10