Fertile Ground

10/11/2015 09:08

Film: Fertile Ground

Year: 2011

Director: Adam Gierasch

Writer: Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch

Starring: Gale Harold, Leisha Hailey and Chelcie Ross



In this film we have a couple, the woman is played by Leisha Hailey and she is pregnant with her first child. She makes clothing and sells it for a living, from the sounds she does well. Her husband is played by Gale Harold and he is a pretty successful painter. They have a party with some close friends and during which, Hailey has a horrific miscarriage. We learn that she some terrible scarring that will prevent her from having children.

They move out of the city for a change of pace and buy a house that used to belong to Harold’s family. As they try to settle in weird things happen. A mysterious handprint on a window that is oddly loose. Hailey begins to see ghosts that seem to be moving away from her. Then one day their toilet acts up, shooting a red liquid. Plumbers come to check on it and the skull of someone is found.

Hailey begins to dig into who it could be and learns the terrible past of their house and the many deaths that have occurred there. She is told is by the local historian, who is played by Chelcie Ross.

Hailey soon after learns she is miraculous pregnant again, but her husband seems to have changed, becoming angrier and working a lot. Hailey has her friend come and help set up for a party that Harold isn’t too thrilled to be having. At this party his assistant ends up falling out of their second floor window.

Hailey knows something is wrong, but can’t figure out what is going on with the house and believes the past has something to do with it. Will the vicious cycle come full circle again or is it something else?

This film isn’t all that bad. The storyline is decent, nothing original and everything for the most part has been done before. There are couple parts that try to get you to jump, but don’t expect to be terrified when watching. The acting is okay as well, again nothing that will blow you away, but I have definitely seen worse.

If you want to see a decent horror film that involves ghosts, pregnancy and isolation, then I would recommend giving this one a view. As I said, it isn’t the best, but you could do much worse and this one is a least watchable. Also some nudity, if that sways the decision at all.


My Rating: 5 out of 10