Documenting the Grey Man

09/10/2015 22:02

Film: Documenting the Grey Man

Year: 2011

Director: Wayne Capps

Writer: Wayne Capps

Starring: Patrick Hussion, Kelly Coulter and Jillian Walzer



This film begins with a disclaimer that all of the footage we are about to view was real. There were multiple homicides and a man in a vegetative state. The police recovered their footage. The footage was obtained through the information act for us to view.

It begins with a group of people around a table while out to eat. We have a man videotaping them and the leader of the talk is played by Patrick Hussion. He tells them that he has heard the tale of the ‘Grey Man’, a ghost that appears in South Carolina before a hurricane hits. He thought to be a good ghost to warn people to safety.

Hussion decides to film a fake ghost hunter film to show that they play on the fears of those involved and he wants to show the truth. Everyone around the table agrees to do it. Kelly Coulter is going to be the researcher and learn all she can about the Grey Man and the area. Jillian Walzer is going to be the technology expert. Wayne Capps plays the guy who will pretend to be the psychic. William Covington plays the videographer.

They go to the house of the family; the mother is played by Lisa Morelli, the father by Richard L. Fister and the daughter by Payton Morelli. They go about documenting what has happened to them, what the background story of the haunting is and getting it all on film.

When Capps shows up though, things get out of hand, beginning with Payton being raised about her bed. Coulter is almost drug from her room and without Hussion saving her, she might have disappeared. Is what is happening here real? Or is it a game that is getting out of hand?

This is another of those ghost stories that were made popular by Paranormal Activity, but it is just another film of the variety. The movie is only just over an hour and much of the film is dedicated to giving the background and introducing everything. There aren’t any scary things until about 28 minutes left or so. The scary things are good and you never see the ghost, which I think is an overused fear idea sometimes, which I liked.

Posing as a fake documentary, the acting is horrible. They don’t act natural and you can tell they are actors.

I wouldn’t recommend seeing this one. The scary things are there, but there isn’t enough and it takes too long to get going. The acting is bad and the hand-held camera, mounted camera idea is getting overplayed. I would still to Paranormal Activity films if you want a realistic ghost story, this one isn’t that good.


My Rating: 4 out of 10