Devil's Playground

08/30/2015 14:31

Film: Devil’s Playground

Year: 2010

Director: Mark McQueen

Writer: Bart Ruspoli

Starring: Jaime Murray, MyAnna Buring and Danny Dyer



This film begins with a medical company creating a drug that will make people stronger, faster and healthier. It is marketed and said that it will be used more wide-spread after the human test subjects results are back. One of the test subjects is played by MyAnna Buring.

From here learn of a rest of the cast of characters in this film. Employed by the company who created the drug is Craig Fairbrass, he is a hit man/enforcer for them who takes care of problems. There is a police officer who shot a young man who was on drugs trying to steal a boat. This man is played by Danny Dyer and he has been in prison since it happened. He is also dating Buring.

The drug doesn’t have the desired effect that the company wanted. Of all the test subjects, only one survives and that is Buring. The rest become angry, fast moving zombies that attack anyone who is not infected. Fairbrass is in a room where someone changes and we learn a few things during this attack. The zombies can be killed by destroying the brain. They are aggressive and move better than humans. Being bit is how the virus is spread.

From here we see the different groups of people as they try to survive. Buring and her friend find a place to meet her brother to get out of England. Fairbrass is told to find Buring to get her to doctors who can find out why she resisted the virus. There is also a couple who are trying to find safety as well, the woman being played by Jaime Murray. They also meet up with Dyer who is hiding outside of town with a friend as well.

Can they get Buring to the doctors before it is too late? Will they be able to escape? Buring is also carrying a secret that will complicate all of this.

This film is actually not all that bad. The action is good for fast moving zombies. There are some nice battle scenes and every time there is an encounter someone seems to get bit, making almost everyone capable to being the next victim.

The biggest problem I had was that after Fairbrass finds out how to kill the zombies, he seems to forget and only wounds them to get away. Then later in the film, when he notices others actually killing them, he begins to do it again. If you know how to eliminate them I believe he would have been doing it from the beginning.

This film is very similar to 28 Days Later and other zombie films that have come out recently and this one falls in the middle of these as not being the best, but better than some. With that being said, if you’re a fan of zombie films, especially fast moving ones, then I would give this one a view. It isn’t the best by a long shot, but it isn’t all that bad either and definitely worth watching.


My Rating: 6 out of 10