Death Factory

08/30/2015 14:16

Film: Death Factory

Year: 2002

Director: Brad Sykes

Writer: Brad Sykes

Starring: Lisa Jay, Karla Zamudio and Jeff Ryan



This film begins with giving us the background of what has happened. We learn that this small city had a chemical factory on its outskirts. There was a spill and it got one of the workers sick. There was then a mass murder at the factory and it was closed down. The worker was presumed dead.

We then hear screaming. It is a young woman, played by Allison Beal. The person chasing her catches her and we realize that she is enjoying herself. The man is her boyfriend, played by Michael Okarma. They start to make out until Beal notices a factory. She wants to check it out. Okarma is scared of it. She at first is looking around at things, but she gets in the mood. They begin to make love when he sees something. Beal goes outside the room to smoke and something attacks her. Okarma comes out and he is attacked as well.

We then shift to two women. One is played by Lisa Jay and the other is Karla Zamudio. Jay is a good girl while Zamudio is a bad girl who many think is a lesbian. They are joined by Jason Flowers. He has a thing for Zamudio and he is into metal and drugs. Zamudio is not interested and mean to him. Another guy shows up, played by Jeff Ryan. He is dating Jay and he is good guy. He wants to get closer to Jay, but she is resistant for some reason.

Back to the factory, an alcoholic, homeless man played by Ron Jeremy goes into the factory. He tries to lay down when he hears something. He gets up and runs into Beal who is freaked out. They are both attacked by the monster.

Jay, Zamudio, Ryan and Flowers are walking away from school and are stopped by David Kalamus and Rhoda Jordan in Kalamus’ car. He tells them that his parents are going out of town and they will have the house to themselves. Ryan gives a ride to Jay while Zamudio and Flowers get into the car. They soon realize his parents aren’t going anymore and need to find somewhere else. Zamudio throws out the idea of a factory that she used to hang out in when she was younger.

They get there and begin to look around. Flowers seems really interested in the place. They find a room to party in and Flowers fills them in what he knows about the place. This seems like news to Zamudio and everyone is spooked. Ryan tells him that can’t be true. Kalamus and Jordan decide to go find a room for themselves. Jay and Ryan do the same. The party runs out of beer so Flowers decides to go get some.

He doesn’t get far before he is attacked. We see the creature has metal claws, fangs as well as metal braces on her legs and she is played Tiffany Shepis. Zamudio finds his jacket covered in blood and goes to look for the rest of the people.

The next person to die is Kalamus. The rest of the crew meet up and try to find a way out. Shepis continues to pick them off though. Will anyone get out alive? Does Zamudio know more about what is going on then what she is letting on? Can Shepis be stopped?

I have to say that the best part of this film is that every female in the cast is topless at one point, except for Jay, Zamudio and Shepis. Shepis is still pretty hot for a monster as well. If you like blood, then you will like that aspect, because there is a lot of blood.

This film is not good though. The back-story doesn’t make sense. The characters seem like they are in high school the way they are acting and talking, but they easily go get beer. It would make more sense for when the factory closed down for them to be older, so I was just flat out confused about that. I don’t see why Shepis has metal all over her body either. She was supposed to be changed into a monster from chemicals, but that would create metal or make her have these metal additions. It seems to be confused as to was it radiation or chemicals that changed her. If it was radiation, there would be a quarantine and this whole town might not still be open. The film is actually quite boring as well, which is kind of odd. We don’t really connect with the characters so I didn’t feel bad for them. This film didn’t think a lot through and had a small budget so the special effects and acting reflect that. They only use a few rooms and continue to reuse them, but it doesn’t look really like a factory inside. It looks like set with flimsy doors and walls. I will give the film credit for doing what they love to do.

I would not recommend watching this film, unless you like bad horror films. The acting is subpar. The story is there, but there are way too many plot holes. If you want to see some topless women who aren’t bad looking, then this is something you could check out. I will say that Shepis still looks hot despite being the monster, but that is about the extent of what is good about it. Unless you want a laugh or to appreciate low budget horror, I would say to avoid this one.


My Rating: 2 out of 10