Dark Shadows

08/30/2015 07:48

Film: Dark Shadows

Year: 2012

Director: Tim Burton

Writer: Seth Grahame-Smith

Starring: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green



This film begins with our main character voicing over the history, he is played by Johnny Depp. A boy with his mother and father are from Liverpool in the late 1600s. They come to America to grow their empire in the fishing business. While there they build a magnificent house and decide to stay.

The boy grows up to be Depp and he has an affair with a maid, played by Eva Green. When she tells him to tell her that he loves her, he won’t and we learn she is a witch. Depp is in love with another, she is played by Bella Heathcote. Green with a spell makes her kill herself and Depp tries to save her by jumping too. Green doesn’t let that happen though and turns him into a vampire. Led by her, they lock Depp in a casket and bury him.

We jump to the 70s. The family of Depp still has their house, but their fortune and their business is all, but gone. Important people in the family are the woman who runs the household, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. Her daughter is played by Chloë Grace Moretz. Her nephew also lives there who is played by Gulliver McGrath. McGrath is interesting because he sees ghosts or claims he does. Moretz also has a secret, but keeps to herself.

One day, a woman who resembles Depp’s love, also played by Heathcote, comes to be a governess to McGrath. He already has a live in doctor who attends to him, played by Helena Bonham Carter. Soon after, while a McDonalds is being put in they uncover Depp’s casket and free him. He returns to his manor to find his ancestors living there. He strikes a deal with Pfeiffer to restore their honor and wealth.

Will he be able to? There is a company that has taken over and is run by a certain witch who has continue to cause this families’ problems, how will he deal with her?

This film wasn’t bad and I need to say that first. It wasn’t all that funny though, which I thought it was supposed to be. It is a good film despite this though. The acting is good and there are quite a bit of solid actors in this one. The story is much darker than I realized. I have to say though, I enjoyed it.

I would recommend this film if you like Depp, Tim Burton or similar things to this. It has that dark, quirky feel. There are some funny parts, but I have trouble really calling this one a comedy. It is much darker and much more about the bad things happening to this family. I would still say to give this one a viewing, I did enjoy it.


My Rating: 7 out of 10