Confessions of a Haunting...

03/24/2021 06:32

Film: Confessions of a Haunting…

Year: 2021

Director: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Starring: Julie Mainville



This was a short that the writer/director of Andrew J.D. Robinson reached out for me to check out and potentially review. I’ve seen quite a few of his shorts and even his feature length debut of We Are the Missing last year. I really dig what he’s doing and always like to help out independent filmmakers.

We are really working with a micro-short here. This runs 3 minutes long and it is Anna (Julie Mainville) speaking directly to the camera. She is talking about loss and one of the strongest lines in her monologue is, “Horror is afraid of losing something. True horror is knowing you’ve lost something’. There is something spooky at the end of it, but it feels more in the vein of what you’d get with gothic horror.

The biggest thing here would have to the acting. Mainville really can be herself here. It is so short that she doesn’t need to necessarily establish her character, but I think she does well in her line delivery. Aside from that, we learn that she is a mother in this short time and that she is dealing with loss as well. It is pretty impressive to get all of that across in such a short time as well.

There’s not a lot else that I can delve into with this short, so what I will say is that I think this has an interesting commentary on not neglecting what we have in our lives to lament those that we have lost. It is really about breaking the cycle and like I said, if you’re able to convey this in such a small amount of time then you are pretty effective in your visual story telling here. There is potential to flesh this out into something longer and it would fit in the stories that Robinson likes to tell. This short is just another reason why I will continue to watch whatever he does as well. A short like this is hard to give a rating to, but I still think this is strong for what we get.


My Rating: 7 out of 10


Watch Here – Confessions of a Haunting...