Boogeyman III

08/28/2015 19:27

Film: Boogeyman III

Year: 2008

Director: Gary Jones

Writer: Brian Sieve

Starring: Erin Cahill, Chuck Hittinger and Mimi Michaels



This film begins with a woman going to finalize her father’s estate; she is played by Nikki Sanderson. We see that her father was the doctor from the previous film. She finds his private journal and begins to read it. She gets into the bathtub and while she is under the water, she thinks she sees something. This freaks her out. She tries to go to bed, but her dog lets out a whine. She goes to check it out and dark figure appears from under her bed and drags her down.

We then shift to a college campus. We meet the main character, played by Erin Cahill. She hosts a radio show with one of her professors, played by Matt Rippy. She is a psychology major and helps people with their problems. Her issue though is that she is a little bit too caring.

The following day, we meet her circle of friends at lunch. Cahill’s boyfriend is played by Chuck Hittinger. Cahill’s roommate is played by Mimi Michaels. She is dating W.B. Alexander. His roommate is played by George Maguire. Hittinger’s roommate is also there played by Elyes Gabel. Alexander and Maguire are stoners, where Alexander likes to make music while Maguire plays video games. Gabel is rushing a fraternity and they have him wearing women’s clothing this day.

Cahill and Michaels go back to their room where they talk about Sanderson. Michaels wants to know if Cahill has spoken with her and it is confirmed that she hasn’t. We learn that Cahill is avoiding her dad also. Hittinger wants her to come home with him over break. She told him that her father is cool with it, but it turns out she hasn’t said a word yet. She continues to put off speaking with him.

That night Sanderson shows up at Cahill’s dorm. Michaels is staying at Alexander’s, so Sanderson will stay in her bed. She doesn’t want to be alone. She tries to tell Cahill about what killed her father, which she claims to be the boogeyman. They go to sleep.

In the night, Cahill goes to the kitchen to get water and Sanderson freaks out. She goes looking for her, but constantly is stalked by the boogeyman. Cahill tries to calm her down, but it doesn’t work. Sanderson goes to her room.

Cahill asks Hittinger to check on Sanderson while she goes to class and then to work. He agrees. Sanderson calls into the station and tells them that she is being stalked. Cahill is worried she will hurt herself and runs back to the dorm. Rippy calls security to help.

Sanderson is attacked again by the boogeyman. He came from her closet and has her held up outside the door. Cahill busts in and sees the boogeyman choking her. She leaves the room and looks back in. He is no longer there and she is hanging from a belt. It looks like suicide, but is it?

Cahill goes back to Sanderson’s room where her roommate, played by Galina Talkington, is packing up her things. She tells Cahill that she can take whatever she would like since Sanderson had no living relatives. Cahill takes the journal and a picture of them. She begins to read the journal and wondering if maybe Sanderson was right.

Cahill’s mother committed suicide the previous year. She lost touch with reality afterwards. She isn’t sure if she saw the boogeyman or not. She tells her friends what she believes she saw. The boogeyman begins to stalk her. It goes after her friends as well. It kills Maguire with a broken shard of his bong. Cahill has a nightmare that she ran into him in the kitchen and he had blood pouring out his mouth along with glass in his face.

She can’t prove it though. Hittinger wants to ensure that she doesn’t lose her mind, but no one will believe her. She cannot prove it. More of her friends are attacked by the boogeyman and they disappear. Can she prove it before it is too late or will all of them become victims?

I will have to admit that I liked this one better than the last one, but that is not saying much. I like that this one continued with the continuity of the story, tying all three films together. My issue though is that the second one is out of place now, since this one actually uses the boogeyman ‘monster’. I liked the idea of this legend needing people to be afraid for it to work, it is a good concept. This also helps to make sense why Sanderson is not killed in the beginning. That is really the extent of what I liked.

My biggest problem with this film is how they have the boogeyman look. I thought that he looked horribly fake. This film should have tried to make it look more like the one in the first one since this one just didn’t look real. The acting also is subpar at best. The writing itself isn’t all that good. The death scenes are pretty weak. This one elected to go bloody in its deaths, which I didn’t like. They took the monster from the first, which kidnaps children and doesn’t leave a trance behind, making it into a serial killer ghost in this one with a piling body count.

Now with all of that said, I found this one to be better than the last one. This one doesn’t try to discredit the original film, which I felt the last one tried to do. I wouldn’t recommend any films from this series though. This one lacks in all departments aside from concept and nudity. There are better and more enjoyable films with both of these out there though. If you are bent on finishing this series, give this a viewing. If not, I would avoid this film.


My Rating: 4 out of 10