Bloody Murder

08/28/2015 19:17

Film: Bloody Murder

Year: 2000

Director: Ralph E. Portillo

Writer: John R. Stevenson

Starring: Jessica Morris, Peter Guillemette and Patrick Cavanaugh



This film begins with a couple driving down a dirt road at night. Their car runs out of gas. The husband grabs a gas can and heads back toward a gas station they had passed. On his walk, he comes up on a truck that is parked. He calls out to it and the lights come on. He yells the name Trevor Moorhouse and he is chased into the woods. The killer has a chainsaw, which is not on by the way, but there is sounds effects like it is. The man falls and he is killed.

We then cut to find out that a young adult is telling this story, he is the nerd and played by Patrick Cavanaugh. In the car with him is the main girl, she is played by Jessica Morris. Her boyfriend is played by Justin Ross Martin and he is kind of a jerk/jock character. Driving is Michael Stone and the girl he is after is played by Tracey Pacheco.

When they arrive at the camp they will be working at they meet the guy in charge, he is played by Peter Guillemette. They also meet another guy who was a rival of Martin in track is at the camp, which makes him want to leave.

The film then shows them doing things to get the camp ready and then they are out drinking by a campfire. They decide to play a game called ‘Bloody Murder’. It ends up playing a joke on Martin’s rival.

From here people start to end up dead and the cops aren’t sure who is doing it. Most everyone is a suspect at one time or another or is Trevor Moorhouse doing the killings? Who is the killer?

The problem with this film is that it is not good. The acting is bland and there is no emotion. Not one character has a redeeming quality and everything seems forced and unnatural. The story is horrible and it tries to become a murder-mystery. The problem is, I could careless who was killing them. The film tries to be like Friday the 13th with creative deaths, but some are really knockoffs from that film.

I would avoid this film unless you want a good laugh, even though there aren’t any funny jokes, but how bad this movie is really is. The Moorhouse character is only in the very beginning and at the end, which irritated me since it was a Jason Voorhees knockoff and he had no real part in this film. I would avoid this one unless you want to laugh at a bad horror movie.


My Rating: 3 out of 10