BloodRayne III: The Third Reich

01/19/2016 21:08

Film: BloodRayne III: The Third Reich

Year: 2011

Director: Uwe Boll

Writer: Michael Nachoff

Starring: Natassia Malthe, Brendan Fletcher and Michael Paré



This film begins with showing us a scene from the original BloodRayne film and it is voiced-over by the character, played by Natassia Malthe. The film then shows archive footage of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis as they spread their shadow over Europe. We learn that Malthe is trying to stop this.

The film then shows a train pull up to a station and it is filled with people that are being taken to a concentration camp. We learn that this is taking place on the eastern edge of the German empire near the Russian border. We see a resistance force setting up to ambush the train. They are led by Brendan Fletcher. We also see that the dhampire, Malthe, is on top of the train as well. The SS officer in charge is played by Michael Paré. The ambush is sprung and the soldiers are taken out. Malthe corners Paré in one of the cars. She prepares to kill him when a soldier gets in behind her and shoots her. Her blood lands on Paré’s face and he is then impaled.

Malthe and Fletcher meet and realize they are working for the same goal. Fletcher’s second in command is played by William Belli and he is not happy when they realize the train is full of people and not weapons. Malthe goes back to their hideout to heal up before she moves on to continue her raids.

The film then shifts to a Nazi base where we meet another lieutenant played by Steffan Mennekes. He goes to meet with a doctor, played by Clint Howard. He is performing experiments to extend the life of the German soldiers, but mostly to Hitler. Mennekes comes into his laboratory to find Howard conducting experiments on a vampire. Mennekes shows that he has some heart as he scolds him for torturing the creature. Howard tells him that no matter what he does to it, it will not die unless its head is cut off, a stake in the heart, holy water or sunlight. Mennekes tells Howard they are leaving in 20 minutes because he has something to show him.

It ends up being Paré. He has not died and Mennekes wants to know why. Howard informs if that it is because he is now a vampire. He seems disinterested until it is shared that sunlight does not hurt him and that the vampire that did the attack did it in broad daylight.

Malthe goes back to her hideout to sleep. The next day she goes to a local brothel where she gets a massage. She hears a commotion and goes upstairs to find a Nazi beating a prostitute. She hits him and catches the interest of another prostitute. For payment, another prostitute makes love to her.

The interested prostitute goes to headquarters to tell the commandant about the attack and Malthe. Howard at first bars her way, but sees that he can use her. He takes her to Paré, who still has not healed all the way. He listens to the woman and then bites her neck. A raid is led on the brothel and Malthe is hit. Howard collects her blood.

The prostitute that was bit has turned and she has carried the immunity to sunlight. Howard needs as much of her blood as possible, as he wants to give it to Hitler to make him immortal. He also sees the application of giving it to Nazi soldiers to create an army of vampires. Will he succeed? Will Malthe enlist the aid of Fletcher and his resistance army or will she go alone? Can she stop the Nazis before they get too strong?

I have to say that this film is not that good, but it is better than the last one. I might even go out on a limb to say that this maybe the best Uwe Boll film I have seen. This one actually lifts the story from original BloodRayne game, which first got me interested in seeing any of these films. Now the game goes about it a little bit differently, but I won’t hold that against the film. This one has a more coherent story than the previous as well as Rayne does not get kicked around the whole film, which I thought as good. The action isn’t bad. This one also features Malthe nude quite a few times, which wasn’t bad to see at all.

This film, like the previous one, does feature some bad acting. Not everyone is horrible, but no one shines through either. I was confused though how the Nazi soldiers that are turned in this one are weak to sunlight. Paré and the prostitute he turns are not weak to sunlight, but the Nazi foot soldiers are, not sure if it is too much down the line or what the reason was. I just didn’t understand that part.

With that said, this film is better than the previous one, but still not that good. I do like the idea of a vampire fighting the Nazis and even more that the Nazis are trying to find a way to make Hitler immortal to control the world. There is some truth to this, in that there is documented history of Hitler being interested in the occult. I also like that this is the concept of the game that got me interested in the series. The acting isn’t all that good, the action though is better in this film. There is also quite a bit of nudity, mostly from Malthe herself. If you are out to watch the whole series, I would say to watch this one. If you want to watch a film from the series, the first is still the best, but this one is right behind it. Other than that, if you want to watch a vampire fighting the Nazis, this is up your alley, if not avoid this one as there are better vampire films out there.


My Rating: 4 out of 10