Blood and Chocolate

08/27/2015 22:17

Film: Blood and Chocolate

Year: 2007

Director: Katja von Garnier

Writer: Ehren Kruger and Christopher Landon

Starring: Agnes Bruckner, Hugh Dancy and Oliver Martinez



This film begins with a family living out in a cabin out in the woods. There is a knock at the door and all hell breaks loose. The father is shot; the mother and the two children try to escape through a secret hatch in the floor. As this happens, the mother and the little boy are killed, only the little girl escapes.

We jump to the present day, where we follow a young woman as she runs through the streets of Bucharest, Romania. She is played by Agnes Bruckner. As we follow her, we notice how athletic she is and that there is something kind of off about her. Once she gets home she learns that she has to attend this ceremony coming up where she is meant to marry a certain man who was married to her aunt.

We then meet her other family members who act similar to her and move in weird ways. It is soon after we realize, they are all werewolves and they are a pack that secretly runs the city. Their leader is played by Oliver Martinez who has made the laws and it is Bruckner’s cousin who believes he is next to take over and is upset by the laws he has to abide by. He doesn’t always go with them though.

After the party, Bruckner goes to a place she likes to think when she runs into an American graphic novelist, played by Hugh Dancy. He is immediately attracted to her. She tries to push him away for fear of finding out what she is, but is quite persistent. Will she be able to keep him away or will she succumb to the feelings she has for him? Will the truth of what she is get in the way and what are the consequences of their forbidden love?

This film is not good. It is really just a ‘Twilight’ type film where they take the horror film aspects, water it down to the point where is acceptable for the masses. The problem with this one is that it still tries to be a horror film. These are really more shape-shifters than actually werewolves as they change after they jump into mid-air and magically change into a wolf.

With that being said, the acting in this film isn’t good. Bruckner is robotic and doesn’t have much emotion to show. Dancy plays a crazy, in love graphic novelist, which he does fairly well, but nothing to write home about. Martinez is okay and most other characters are forgettable, which like the story itself.

I would not recommend this film. It is boring, the story isn’t all that good, the only way I would say you might like this one is if you’re a huge fan of Twilight and want to see a film that is really nothing more than an even worse version of those films. I personally have a problem with watering down horror movies to make romance films like this. Only give this a viewing if you’re into that type of thing.


My Rating: 4 out of 10