Blade: Trinity

09/21/2015 21:40

Film: Blade: Trinity

Year: 2004

Director: David S. Goyer

Writer: David S. Goyer

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and Parker Posey



This film begins with a doctor on a talk show; he is played by John Michael Higgins. With him is the police chief, played by Mark Berry. They are talking about vampires, but Higgins is making it out to be as they are a fictional thing, but that there are similar viruses that cause some of the symptoms.

We then see a helicopter touching down in Iraq. We see that everyone exits from it is wearing gas masks and they enter a temple. They start to remove their masks to reveal their identities. Among them is Parker Posey, who is leading the expedition. With her is her brother, played by Callum Keith Rennie and her muscle, played by Paul Levesque. They have a man running a computer searching the temple. There are ancient glyphs on the wall and Posey informs us that they are looking for someone. They find him and it turns out to be Dracula, who goes by Drake and played by Dominic Purcell.

The film then informs us that Blade is now an enemy of the state and the FBI is after him. He is played by Wesley Snipes and we see him chase after a group of vampires. He kills some and then kills one in the middle of the street. He is confused that this was doesn’t turn to ash and we learn he was a human pretending to be one. Posey films Snipes as he kills him.

The police follow Kris Kristofferson who leads them back to his hideout with Snipes. Kristofferson tries to tell him that he needs to be tone it down, because the word is out to stop him. A raid then occurs and Kristofferson dies while he is destroying their computers with all of the data on them. Snipes is arrested by the cops running the operation, they are played by James Remar and Michael Anthony Rawlins.

He is interviewed by the police, but then Higgins shows up. We learn that he is a vampire familiar working with Posey. He wants him transferred to a mental hospital that he works at. Berry agrees, because he is also a vampire familiar. Their plan doesn’t work out though when two people break Snipes out. They are played by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. Vampires show up, with Posey, Rennie and Levesque with them, but they cannot stop Biel and Reynolds in getting Snipes out.

Snipes is then introduced to their operation. There is a small group that also includes Ron Selmour, who picks up the trio after the breakout, there is Patton Oswalt who is their weapons and tech expert as well as Natasha Lyonne who is a scientist working on a virus that will kill all of the vampires, which could kill Snipes as well. Snipes is not impressed with their operation and thinks they are amateurs. Biel and Reynolds then inform him that they believe that Posey is looking for Purcell and believe they have found him. Snipes doesn’t buy it.

Purcell is awake though and feeding. Posey goes in to see him and Purcell thinks she and the rest of the vampires are weak. He is the first and pure, so he has a god complex. He does consider taking on Snipes who he feels to be worthy opponent.

Snipes and Biel discover that vampires have set up warehouses that provide them with blood. They have homeless people kept alive and have blood being taken from their bodies. While they are gone though, their base is attacked, killing everyone, but Lyonne’s daughter. Will the virus she created work? Can Snipes defeat Purcell or will vampires continue their plans in taking over?

Like the previous films in this film, I like the action that we get with the battle between the vampires and the hunters. This one even offers fighting against the police that want to stop Blade from killing people. I also like that they are trying to bring more from the comics into the story of this one, especially bringing in Dracula that did have a line of comics with Marvel. Snipes is quieter in this one so it was nice to have Reynolds to bring the comedy to the film. I also thought it was great to have Purcell as Dracula, because physically he is larger and does well in roles like this. He also uses the god complex well.

I will say that this film is the worst in the trilogy. This one is a little bit watered down and I wonder how much of that was due to Marvel getting more involved. I love comic books and the films based off of them, but I know they try to gear their films toward a more family friendly. Now this is rated R and that is due to mostly language, but the story isn’t as dark as the previous films to me. I also was annoyed by Posey and Levesque. I wanted more from Biel as well.

With that said, I would recommend this film to finish out the series. If you are going to only watch one film from the series I would say to go with the second one. The acting is a little cheesy from some in this film and there is some really good acting as well. The action is good and they introduce the Marvel version of Dracula. This film isn’t bad, but it isn’t as good as the rest.


My Rating: 5 out of 10