The Caller

08/29/2015 07:07

Film: The Caller

Year: 2011

Director: Matthew Parkhill

Writer: Sergio Casci

Starring: Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer and Luis Guzmán



This film begins with a woman moving into a new apartment, she is played by Rachelle Lefevre. While she does she is helped by a man who lives there, played by Luis Guzmán. He has lived there for a while; he tends to the garden outside of the building. Lefevre is settling into her new place with her dog when the phone rings. A woman’s voice comes over it and the sound is creepy. She is played by Lorna Raver and she is looking for someone named ‘Bobby’. Lefevre informs her that she just moved in and that no one lives there by that name.

Next we learn that Lefevre is going through a divorce from her crazy husband. She has a restraining order on him and she seems scared of him. To get herself more balanced she also decides to take a French class at the local college and she accidently meets a man when she goes to the to the wrong room, he is played by Stephen Moyer.

She continues to receive more crazy phone calls from Raver. We learn that she went past the house and Bobby was there the other day. The more and more it happens, we learn the woman is calling from the past, during the late 70s. Lefevre doesn’t know if it is real or not, she also thinks her husband could be in on it. Raver tells her she will write something on the wall in the pantry and too look for it. Lefevre doesn’t see anything, but when she can’t sleep, she takes down the wallpaper and finds it underneath.

She goes to investigate into who lived there and who is calling. By accident though she gives Raver the advice to leave or take care of Bobby, when she does, the pantry changes with a complete bricked up wall. Raver is also becoming more insane on the phone as well, beginning to take care of those that help Lefevre. Can she stop her before it is too late? Raver even finds Lefevre as a little girl and begins to invite her over…

This film is creepy for the fact that the telephone and receiving calls like this can be terrifying. Going further than that though, it is scary that what happens in the past, changes the future. There are a few times these happens and the results are completely crazy. Moyer explains early in the film about the idea and then when it happens, it makes Lefevre’s ordeal more terrifying.

With that said, the concept and story are great, but the film itself is a little bit slow until the climax, then it ends very well. I believe they focused a little bit too much on the ex and the new boyfriend, but by the end, it makes sense at what they were doing. The transformation of Lefevre and seeing how the future changes as things in the past do is well worth a view. Also the concept and story is interesting enough as well.


My Rating: 6 out of 10