The Banker

08/25/2015 20:25

Film: The Banker

Year: 1989

Director: William Webb

Writer: Dana Augustine

Starring: Robert Forster, Shanna Reed and Duncan Regehr



This film begins with a man picking up an escort in a fancy car; the man is played by Duncan Regehr. They come back to his place and make love. She goes through his wallet while he is showering and he comes out in a towel. In his hand he has a crossbow. He fires it at her.

We then shift to a nice house. A woman with her son meets with the head police officer in this film, Richard Roundtree. With him is Juan García, who is a newly promoted to detective. They wake up another detective, Robert Forster, who is sleeping in a tree house. Roundtree lets Forster know that he and García are going to be partners.

We also meet the other main character, played by Shanna Reed. She is a news reporter that does puff pieces. As they are wrapping up a sand castle competition, they hear over the radio about a murder that has been found.

Forster and García arrive just ahead of Reed. Reed’s driver actually bumps into the cop’s car. We then learn that Forster and Reed have history together, but aren’t on good terms at the moment. All of them go up to the hotel room where the woman in the beginning was murdered. They find that there has been some weird markings wrote in blood on the wall.

Forster begins his investigation and he starts with visiting Jeff Conaway, a pimp known as cowboy. He tries to make a run for it, but he is finally apprehended. Conaway calls in his lawyer and is disrespectful.

Reed when she is back at her news station wants to report the story of the murder. She is shot down by her director, who is played by John T. Olsen. She defies him and reports on it anyway. She calls for action from the citizens of the city and is sent home for it.

We also learn who Regehr really is. He is a rich investment banker. He also has a lot of interest in South American artifacts, culture and hunting.

Forster believes that Conaway is the killer he is looking for, but he doesn’t have proof and his lawyer gets him out of jail. Forster and García go to visit him at a private party at a bar. While they are there, Forster meets with another pimp, who is played by Leif Garrett. He gives nothing during the talk.

It turns out that Garrett is the one that is hooking up Regehr with the women that he is killing. Regehr calls soon after the police leave and Garrett tells him about another girl. He picks up her and takes her back to his place. She is given a chance to defend herself with a knife, but she is also killed.

Reed is promoted to taking charge of the news in reporting the crimes after she is a hit. The police find the second body with another arrow and more of those symbols. Conaway also knows that Garrett knows Regehr, but he won’t give him anything. Conaway takes it on himself to find him. He’s not trying to stop him though, he wants to blackmail him.

Will Regehr be stopped before it is too late? He sees a challenge in Reed and buys the news station. He also sends her roses and begins to call her. Will Reed become one of his victims? Will Forster find out that it is Regehr before it is too late? Will he reconcile with Reed and use her help to solve these crimes?

I need to lead off that this is a typical 80’s horror film. The film actually has a good concept. This is similar idea to American Psycho, where the rich can seem to get away with whatever they want. The story of him killing call-girls is good. I personally like Forster as well. He’s a pretty good actor, even in films like this. I also liked that Reed is pointing out how sick society can be, in that they want to know about bad news like murder, but they will not do their part in helping to stop them. They really are ignoring what is happening to be ‘entertained’ by the news. This something that is even worse today.

The issues with this film are its cheesy dialogue; the acting is pretty subpar for the most part as well. Conaway and Regehr are over the top. Garrett doesn’t show much in the short time that he is screen. All of the call-girls are also not very believable either. I do feel that this film is a little bit boring and there really isn’t much police work. For as smart as Regehr is, I feel like he ends up exposing himself which kind of hurts the film for me.

I personally liked this film, but I have a thing for 80’s horror films. The concept is really good, but the writing for the film is lacking. The acting for the most part isn’t good, aside for Forster. The dialogue is cheesy and a lot of what happens is too convenient. I would only recommend this film if you are into films similar to this. If not, I would avoid this, because I personally found it be a little bit boring and there isn’t really much that will blow you away.


My Rating: 5 out of 10