On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery

11/16/2021 09:06

Film: On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Discovery

Year: 2021

Director: Seth Breedlove

Writer: Seth Breedlove

Starring: Seth Breedlove



This is another documentary from Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters as they continue to search for proof of Bigfoot. This time they are taking us to the Pacific Northwest where Breedlove and his crew team up with the Olympic Project to continue their search. The synopsis here is that they believe they’ve found definitive proof to confirm that Bigfoot does exist.

Where I want to start here is that we are picking up where the last one left off. I’ve not seen all the documentaries in this series, but I do like that Breedlove doesn’t bog you down with information that has previously been given in the ones prior. This can be problematic if you jump into this one as well. I don’t think that necessarily matters though either. This one is contained to giving you the information for this search and not so much the history of Bigfoot in the area or in general.

If you have read any of my previous reviews of Breedlove documentaries, then you know that I’m not fully a believer in this creature. What I will say though is that I’m not going to discredit him or any of the people that are featured here. They feel that what they’ve seen and experienced is real. I cannot discount what they saw as well as I cannot explain either what they are relaying to me. That is a disclaimer that I felt needed to go here.

With that taken care of, I think we have any interesting documentary here. This one starts with getting to know someone from Forks, Washington that stated he saw a creature that he couldn’t explain and fits what we think of Bigfoot. We then get to meet different members of the Olympic Project, which is based near Olympia, Washington. The big thing here for this group, I love that they’ve extended invites to a few different people that have credible professions and the information they bring to the table is hard to refute. They have a photographer that has a degree in anthropology. There is a land surveyor as another. We also have experienced hikers, hunters and campers as well. What they are presenting does seem to follow the scientific process to prove or at least in this case, rule out logical explanation to different things. They do discover something in the woods that makes for a good argument that a Bigfoot like creature exists in these woods.

Where I’ll close this out is with how this was made, I love the documentary angle that Breedlove uses. He seems like a believer, but he doesn’t go bias with his creation of this. He is out there, interviewing different people and just presenting what they are stating. It doesn’t feel like he is pushing the audience to necessary believe but giving that information and allowing me as a viewer to decide. It is a professional look at it that I enjoy. I do like interjecting a bit of drawings to give us a better feel of what people are saying. There is some music synced up which fits. What does get a bit spooky is hearing recordings as well that people cannot explain.

In conclusion here, this is again another interesting documentary from Breedlove. There is evidence here that is quite interesting and how it is presented is in a way that I don’t feel is being bias. It makes me wonder if what they are telling us has a logical explanation other than Bigfoot. As someone who is interested in this subject as a mythological angle, I can appreciate what we are doing here. I don’t know if this will be for everyone. We aren’t getting the history of the creature per say, but more of just what this search for the creature in this location is providing. If this sounds interesting, I’d recommend giving this one a go for sure.


My Rating: 7 out of 10