Meeting Evil

02/14/2018 07:25

Film: Meeting Evil

Year: 2012

Director: Chris Fisher

Writer: Chris Fisher

Starring: Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson and Leslie Bibb



This film begins with a man driving down the road; he is played by Luke Wilson. We see that everything around him is falling apart and he doesn’t look to be in the best mood. When he comes home, the contractor he has hired to put in a pool, played by Bret Roberts, is drinking a beer, shirtless and leaving. Wilson apologizes about the last check and it doesn’t bother Roberts.

Wilson checks the mail and we see a lot of past dues. He just throws them away. At his door is a notice of foreclosure as well. He goes inside and doesn’t see or hear anyone, but they surprise him in the kitchen. He drops his drink and he is agitated. We meet his wife, who is played by Leslie Bibb, and his two kids. She decides to take the kids out to let him have some alone time.

After she leaves, there is some pounding at the door. It turns out to be Samuel L. Jackson. He tells Wilson his car stalled and needs help to get it started. Wilson pushes it and then Jackson pops the clutch, but it backfires onto his leg and sends him to the ground. Jackson pulls a gun, but there is a little girl watching, so he decides to take Wilson for a ride to the hospital.

From here we see what type of man Jackson really is. At first Wilson gets views of how rude, obnoxious and how concerned he is with everyone else being decent. We see glimpses of something at a gas station, and then they go to a bar. There we meet Wilson’s former boss and we also meet a woman he was having an affair with, who is played by Peyton List.

Wilson and List go on a wild ride with Jackson, but we also see Bibb at home talking to the police. We learn that Wilson is a push over, but Jackson will push him to the edge. We also see that Bibb isn’t the typical housewife, but definitely is a lot stronger. What will happen to everyone involved?

This film was another one of those that had good acting, but the film itself is pointless. I know the concept is that Wilson is spineless and that Jackson is pushing him into some horrible situations. What was really interesting to me is that we get very little of Bibb at first, but when the police continue to talk to her, we see that she has a much meaner side. This film is kind of weird and I am not really sure what the overall picture of it was going for, but it isn’t horrible. As stated above, there is some good acting so if you like the actors, I would give it a chance then and see what you think of it. I feel that due to some of the confusing story I have to rate this film being pretty averaging, missing out on the potential it had.


My Rating: 5 out of 10