Making Faces (Short)

01/07/2020 06:18

Film: Making Faces

Year: 2019

Director: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Writer: Andrew J.D. Robinson

Starring: Willow Mcgregor, Erin Kiniry and Gabrielle Banville



I checked out this short film when writer/director Andrew J.D. Robinson reached out to me. He’s done this prior and I really dig the short films I’ve seen in the past so I was on board to check this one out. I came in blind to just let what happen wash over me. The synopsis is while Cassie’s (Willow Mcgregor) trying to find her place in this world something is trying to find its way into hers.

This film does really well in its subtle nature. It establishes Cassie has issues with self-esteem by her making faces in the mirror. She has a package delivered, the image is blank and she sends an e-mail asking for a refund to the person who sent it. She gets a call from her, Lea Driver (Erin Kiniry) where she offers to resend the one she wanted as well as send another of her choosing. They’re out of focus images of faces. Lea explains how she did them while also comforting Cassie in a way that hits home. There’s something not quite right about these images though.

I’m not going to lie, I was wondering where this was going to go early on and it’s not often you get a slow burn in a short film like we do here. The payoff was worth it as I could feel my anxiety rise when Cassie goes upstairs to see the other prints that she has. There’s also an interesting reveal at the end when Becky (Gabrielle Banville) gets a call from Lea. When I heard the name I thought I recognized it from another short from Robinson I recommend, The Becky Carmichael Fan Club.

The acting is pretty solid as well. Mcgregor does come off as amateur, but I think that actually adds some charm here if I’m going to be honest. She gives off a lot with her facial expressions and when she goes upstairs near the end, her fear made me anxious so I give credit there. Kiniry is very nice as Lea and I love after the reveal of her character where it is leading to next. The images we get are also creepy and I thought it was cool to have Banville’s voice as well.

There’s not a lot in the way of effects. When Lea explains how she got the images and we get to see them as they’re ‘created’, that was pretty unnerving. The cinematography was also good.

Now with that said, it’s not often you come across an effective slow-burn short. I’ll admit early on, I was wondering where it was going and that was until I saw the first images of what Cassie was expecting. I like where it ended up and I think the acting really helps it get there. We get a cool cameo of Becky’s voice and I liked that. The images like I said are creepy and this is shot well. The soundtrack fit for what was needed as well. Overall I’d say this is above average and I would like to see more of this fleshed out personally into something longer as I like what we get and there seems to be more for this story. I think there’s really something here especially if it filters in other of the shorts.


My Rating: 7 out of 10

Making Faces