I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

02/24/2017 16:45

Film: I Spit on Your Grave

Year: 2010

Director: Steven R. Monroe

Writer: Stuart Morse

Starring: Sarah Butler, Jeff Branson and Andrew Howard



This film begins with a young woman, who is played by Sarah Butler. She is a writer who has just rented out a cottage in the middle of nowhere to write her next novel. She stops off at the place to pick up her keys. The man who is in charge of the place is played by Tracey Walter. He gives her directions and a map, but they are confusing.

She ends up getting lost and stopping at a gas station. While there she fills up and gets better directions. The man who works there is played by Jeff Branson. He tries hitting on her, but she rejects him and he knocks over a bucket of windshield cleaner that sprays on him. This happens while two of his friends, played by Daniel Franzese and Rodney Eastman, are watching.

She leaves and gets settled at her place. She gets into her routine, which includes sitting out in the sun, having some drinks, smoking pot and writing.

Weird noises begin to spook her and we get a scene that while she cleans wine off her clothes. The view is through her window that is from a camera. We did get a scene earlier, that Franzese has a camera.

We then get a scene where Butler’s water doesn’t work so she calls a handyman who is mentally retarded to fix it; he is played by Chad Lindberg. When he is done, she is overcome with joy and kisses him.

He goes back to tell his ‘friends’ what happened. Branson is upset with Butler for rejecting him and the rest of them goat him on. They get it in their mind to ‘pop Lindberg’s cherry’ in a horrible scene of rape. Butler tries to get the sheriff to help, but he we learn that he isn’t a good guy either. He blames her for what happened.

She does survive this horrible attack and then it is her turn to get her revenge on these guys and what they did to her.

I have to say, this might have been one of the rare occasions where a remake might have been better than the original. The stories are very similar, but what makes this one better is the creativity she uses to kill the guys. They are pretty gruesome and some of things she does are horrible, but with what happened to her, I didn’t feel as bad for them.

The acting is good, the story is as well in relativity speaking terms and this is definitely a solid film. I saw a quote that if you can stand to watch this, then you should and I definitely agree with that. The rape is horrible and the deaths that she deals out are gruesome, but this is a solid film. If you can stand it, give this one a viewing.


My Rating: 7 out of 10