Evil online: Il Male in Diretta

11/22/2017 08:18

Film: Evil online: Il Male in Diretta

Year: 2017

Director: Angelo Di Noia

Writer: Angelo Di Noia

Starring: Angelo Di Noia



This film begins with a man, who is the played by Angelo Di Noia who is also the writer and director of this film. He goes into his house and tells us that he is going to purchase a possessed doll. First he will do research to ensure that the one that he purchases will be truly haunted and that he will be able to record his findings on a video diary. Even before the doll arrives though, there is a dark presence that seems to be following him.

Noia enlists the aid of a powerful medium that warns him the same thing. Will this evil presence hurt him as the medium tells him? Can he get real findings of a haunted doll?

I had the joy of viewing this film as Noia reached out to me to check it out and to do a review about it. The film is found on YouTube. I have to say that I like the premise and story of the film. It isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but I personally enjoy the low budget, found footage feel to it. There were a few parts in this film that made me feel uneasy and creeped out. That is something I want to give credit for doing. The ending I wasn’t a huge fan of and I also was a little bit confused as to why the haunting started before he received the doll as well. Also not sure a medium would give an Ouija board and tell someone to use it, but it does make for a solid scene.

The acting in this film comes off very amateur, but I personally find this helps the film. It adds to the realism. Noia did a solid job and I felt the fear he was portraying. The medium, even though we never see her face, I thought she did fine as well. She does seem to repeat the same things over and over though.

The effects of this film seemed to be stop motion or a similar technique. I am a huge fan of this in older films. With the films budget, I thought it works fairly well. It does give the feel that everything happening, happens over a period of time and we are not watching it live to say. There was an image of a girl in a mirror used that was taken from somewhere else, but the other images of things used were creepy. I even thought the haunted doll was scary looking. The editing of the film was good. It runs an hour and the tension builds throughout. I do have to admit I was annoyed by the snow that was used to transition in this as it happened so often. This film’s score seemed to be just ambient, which I was fine with.

Now with that said, if you want to support an Independent Italian filmmaker, I would recommend seeing this one. The film is about a haunted doll that brings an entity to this man’s life as he tries to document it. It has an eerie feel to it and builds tension to the end. I didn’t get the payoff I wanted at the end though. The acting comes off amateurish, but I think that adds an element being that it is found footage. The effects aren’t great. For a film like this and the budget that was used, I do give leeway there. The editing and the score were both fine as well. I will warn you that this film is from Italy, so it was subtitled. If that is not an issue, this is an above average, haunted doll/house film. It has a running time of just over an hour and can be found on YouTube. I will provide the link below my rating.


My Rating: 7 out of 10



Noia also sent me another film to check out. This one is also found on YouTube and it is titled: Bambola Realmente posseduta (Haunted Doll). This one was is just under five minutes and a man showing a doll that he has in possession. It is supposed to be haunted and we see its eyes opening and closing on its own.

This one was very creepy to me. What the doll does is spooky, but what really got to me more was the score to this one. It was very eerie and made me feel uncomfortable throughout. I would recommend it just to hear that. There isn’t any dialogue or acting really. I will give the effects credit for the eyes opening and closing, slow enough to not stand out, but if you pay attention, you can see them moving.


My Rating: 7 out of 10