Buried Alive II

08/29/2015 06:52

Film: Buried Alive II

Year: 1997

Director: Tim Matheson

Writer: Walter Klenhard

Starring: Ally Sheedy, Stephen Caffrey and Tracey Needham



This film takes place some time after the first one. We have a married couple who is played by Ally Sheedy and Stephen Caffrey. Caffrey owns a charter boat and takes people out to go fishing. Sheedy is a hairdresser. They do well to make ends meet, but they don’t live a fabulous life.

Caffrey tries to talk his wife into letting him sell his boat and then buy a yacht. His plan is to sail away on it with her around the world. She on the other hand wants to stay where she is and raise a family.

Sheedy’s uncle dies, who was the sheriff in the first film. She drags her husband to the funeral, but he is reluctant. While there, she notices a man who stays away from the services and only comes up after it is over. The man is played by Tim Matheson and he is the main character from the original film.

We learn that Sheedy was really close to Matheson when she was younger. We also learn that Caffrey is having an affair with a local, young, beautiful bartender, who is played by Tracey Needham. Caffrey learns that his wife is going to inherit quite a bit of money from her uncle and Needham tells him he should kill her.

After seeing Needham flirt with another man, he makes up his mind to do it. Matheson warns Sheedy about what happened to him and about how far a spouse will go. After some events, Sheedy is buried alive much like Matheson did; this time around he digs her up, knowing the truth. Will she get her revenge like Matheson did?

I have to say, I did enjoy the story to this one more than the original. Not that it is more complex, the elements are more believable as to why she wasn’t embalmed, the reasoning behind things is more plausible and her getting free was as well. That did make it more enjoyable for me.

The acting still is flat being a TV movie, but it isn’t horrible. Some elements are a little stretched. It was also brought to my attention that Sheedy is supposed to be a hairdresser, yet her hair is always a mess. Not a big deal, but something to ponder.

This film isn’t all that bad, but it isn’t horrible. It is pretty short and has subject matter that is scary, yet could possible happen. If this sounds good, I would give it a viewing, there are definitely worse things out there to watch. As I said though, don’t be expected to be blown away, it is watchable though.


My Rating: 5 out of 10