Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula

08/28/2015 19:23

Film: Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula

Year: 2008

Director: Timothy Friend

Writer: Timothy Friend

Starring: Jordan Baranowski, Katie Barker and Ari Bavel



In this film, we follow two stories. One is that of Bonnie and Clyde, played by Tiffany Shepis and Trent Haaga. Two small time robbers come into a house were these two criminals are held up and soon find out they aren’t the owners. Shepis unloads on them with a tommy gun.

The other story is that of a strange doctor named Loveless, played by Allen Lowman, and his mentally handicapped sister, played by Jennifer Friend. Lowman has brought the remains of something in his house and has been feeding prostitutes to it. The remains belong to Dracula, played by Russell Friend.

Shepis and Haaga are trying to find their next job, but having no luck as they stay at a whore house, the same one Lowman bought all the women from. They decide to rob a moonshiner and the buyers during a deal. They succeed, but the man who runs the whorehouse is shot. Shepis offers to go to the doctor’s house to see if he will help.

At Lowman’s house, Jennifer Friend is trying to find a way of escape, but needs to find the key to the collar around her neck that Lowman shocks her with. While doing this, Russell Friend is coming back to full strength with blood and Lowman wants to study him to see if he can cure his degenerative condition.

Both groups clash when Lowman has a party and Shepis crashes it looking for him. Russell Friend feeds on everyone making it a den of vampires.

This movie is horrible. The story doesn’t make any sense and it takes too long for both sides to clash. It is split with little cross-over and there isn’t much when they do intersect. The gangsters tell stories to each other that have no relevance to the story itself and are just outlandish. We never know what the party guests are there for and why they trust Lowman to come to his late party. All of the blood is CGI and much of the film doesn’t make sense. The only bright spot is Jennifer Friend, but she looks too good to be a mentally challenged though. Shepis was another bright spot, that being because she is completely nude in a scene, but she doesn’t do much for the film either.

I wouldn’t recommend this unless you like to watch bad horror movies. The story is outlandish, there is no backstory to main story and the only tales we hear from before have nothing to do with anything. I would avoid this unless you’re looking for a bad horror movie to laugh at with your friends.


My Rating: 4 out of 10