Bloody Murder II: Closing Camp

08/28/2015 19:20

Film: Bloody Murder II: Closing Camp

Year: 2003

Director: Rob Spera

Writer: John R. Stevenson

Starring: Katy Woodruff, Tyler Sedustine and Amanda Magarian



This film begins with a girl, played by Katy Woodruff, having a dream. She sees her brother and he is murdered in front of her. We learn that her brother was the last person killed in the previous film and his body was never found. Woodruff worked the summer as counselor and now they are preparing to pack everything up.

Woodruff has a boyfriend, at least it kind of seems like she does and he is played by Kelly Gunning. He wants to move their relationship forward, but she doesn’t. Another counselor is the bad boy, who irritates the guy who is in charge, the bad boy played by Tom Mullen and the other by Arthur Benjamin. Mullen is seeing a girl played by Tiffany Shepis.

A guy who is going to USC decides help out for as long as he can, he is played by Lane Anderson. The counselors who have been there all summer try to scare him with tales of Trevor Moorhouse, the psycho killer who is credited with killing people at the camp. He doesn’t get scared and makes fun of Mullen. When a game of bloody murder is suggested, Woodruff runs to her cabin.

Anderson falls for the trick they play. Everyone goes back to their cabins but him. When he goes to leave, a masked man kills him. Others start to die, but who is the killer this time around?

This film is very similar to first one in that is it a ‘who is the killer’ slasher film. The mystery of this one plays on what the first one did, but this one has better acting in it. The acting still isn’t the greatest. Shepis is probably the bright spot. She isn’t the greatest actress, but she is good in horror films and knows what she is doing.

The death scenes are kind of weak in this one though. You have mostly stabbing the victims with a knife or machete and there is a death taken from the first one used over again. Doesn’t ruin it, but it does take away from the originality I would say.

This one isn’t all that good. If you want a sub-par slasher flick, then I would recommend this one. If you’ve seen Bloody Murder, I would watch this one, because it is better. Don’t expect to be blown away by this one though. This one has nudity, which is a plus. Not the greatest and not very good, it isn’t the worst one out there.


My Rating: 4 out of 10