BloodRayne II: Deliverance

01/02/2016 14:51

Film: BloodRayne II: Deliverance

Year: 2007

Director: Uwe Boll

Writer: Christopher Donaldson, Neil Every and Masaji Takei

Starring: Natassia Malthe, Zack Ward and Michael Paré



This film takes place back in the 1880’s in the Wild West. We have a newspaper writer, played by Chris Coppola, who has come to the town of Deliverance. He is there to write stories so the readers back east can enjoy the tales from the new frontier. He meets with the town’s mayor, played by Michael Robinson, to start.

That night we go to a farmhouse where a man shows up with a couple of his men. He kills the father and the mother while kidnapping the two children. The leader is Billy the Kid and he is played by Zack Ward. He next attacks the town of Deliverance. The first act is to kidnap Sarah-Jane Redmond, who works at the local tavern with Chris Spencer. One of her children is played by Jodelle Ferland. Ward takes over the town.

We then see the title character Rayne, played by Natassia Malthe. She goes to the farmhouse where the couple was killed. I believe Malthe claims that she is related to them, which doesn’t make sense since Rayne has been living since the middle ages, but she is out to find the children of this family. She makes her way to Deliverance.

She soon learns that the town is controlled by vampires. She plays cards with one and she beats him. He is upset and calls her a cheater. They then go outside to have a duel. The sheriff, who is played by John Novak, was turned the night before. Malthe outshoots the vampire and then shoots at others. She is then arrested and sentenced to be a hung.

While in the cell she meets Brendan Fletcher. He is accused of being a murderer as well. Malthe learns that Fletcher is part of the Bloodstone group, like her. They are vampire hunters. Fletcher also tells that Ward does not carry guns and that he heals without taking blood. Fletcher claims that Ward is the oldest vampire he has seen and the most powerful. He is also letting the town carry on for the railroad to give him the opportunity to take over the country. He is using the kidnapped children for blood supply. Ward and his men are all vampires. Spencer and Coppola visit them, but Coppola is scolded by Fletcher for working with Ward.

Fletcher is then hung and they go to hang Malthe. She is given her blades by Spencer as she frees herself. She escapes into the marshes, but is shot. She is saved by Michael Paré. Malthe wakes up and tells him she needs blood. It is then she explains that she is a dhampire, which is a half-vampire, half-human. She needs the blood to revitalize. Paré cuts his arm and uses his blood to save her.

They decide to team up to stop Ward, but they need some help. They recruit a wanted preacher, played by Michael Eklund, as well as another outlaw played by Michael Teigen. Can they save the town of Deliverance before it is too late? Can they save the children? Can Ward even be stopped?

The best part of the film is Malthe, because she is quite attractive. She does have her blades that her character is known to have from the games and her being a dhampire. I also think the title is creative as well. In the west towns have odd names like Deliverance, but in terms of the film, that is what Malthe is bringing as well. I also found it creative to make Billy the Kid, a famous outlaw be a vampire as well as combining the horror and western genre.

This film though had a lot of issues for me. First, they state that the farm Malthe goes to is a family member, but that wouldn’t be possible since she has been a dhampire for hundreds of years and in the last film, it took place in the middle ages. Billy the Kid is a known outlaw so there is a no way that he could be the ‘oldest vampire’, he would have to been turned not long before the film takes place. Plus it is stated that he doesn’t use guns, yet he was a famous shot. The acting was bad across the board, the shoot-outs and fight scenes were horrible. Malthe gets kicked around the whole film, yet she is possible be very strong and able to save everyone. The story is also incoherent. When Malthe asks Teigen to join, she states to kill vampires. He doesn’t bat an eye and agrees. Everyone accepts that there are vampires way too easy for it to be believable.

With that said, I would not recommend this film. Uwe Boll is the director and I have yet to find a film from him that I found to be good. It is amazing that he still makes films. The acting in this one is bad, as is the action scenes. There is virtually no story and this film does not think of the plot holes it creates. Malthe is good looking, but she barely shows it so it misses the mark there. The title is creative and it does have a couple good concepts. Not enough though to make this film worth your time. Only view this is you are trying to watch the whole BloodRayne series.


My Rating: 3 out of 10