Blood Feast II: All U Can Eat

01/10/2016 13:35

Film: Blood Feast II: All U Can Eat

Year: 2002

Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Writer: W. Boyd Ford

Starring: Trey Bosworth, Lavelle Higgins and Mark McLachlan



This film begins with two bums looking for food. They find a dead cat and one goes to collect firewood. They see a red light coming from under a door. They end up killing each other with a knife and broken bottle in a gory way. We then hear the theme song from the original Blood Feast film.

We are then outside of Fuad Ramses’ Exotic Catering from the original film. His grandson, played by J.P. Delahoussaye, has assumed control of the building and is going to be reopening. He is visited by a detective, played by Mark McLachlan. He is overzealous and tells him off; informing him that he is not going do what his grandfather did.

The next day Delahoussaye is trying to unlock a door inside his shop. He is interrupted by a mother, her husband and their daughter. The mother is played by Melissa Morgan and her daughter is played by Toni Wynne. The quiet husband is played by Chris Mauer. Morgan is very rude. Wynne is getting married and Morgan is looking for someone to cater her reception. Morgan is also uppity and is taking a chance on Delahoussaye. He agrees to cater it, but Morgan wants to try some of his food first. He asks her to come back in a couple days and he will have some things she can try.

After they leave, Delahoussaye gets into the locked room. There isn’t anything, but a statue for Ishtar. The eyes glow and he falls under its spell.

The film then shifts us to a party at Wynne’s house. Her friends have outrageous names. There is Bambi Deere played by Christy Brown, Misti Morning by Christina Cuenca, Laci Hundees by Michelle Miller, Trixi Treater by Kristi Polit, Candi Graham by Jill Rao and Brandi Alexander by Cyd Casados. They get into a debate about their underwear and they decide at their next party to model lingerie.

Cuenca runs into Delahoussaye when walking home. She takes her shoes off and she is kidnapped. She wakes up tied to a chair. Delahoussaye asks her to help him make a meal for reception. Cuenca agrees to help, not realizing that she is going to be killed. It is a very gory death, as is all the others in this film as well.

The next day, Cuenca is reported missing by her boyfriend. McLachlan immediately believes that it is Delahoussaye. He goes to his place and asks him some questions and tries something that he has made. It runs blood down his chin and he goes back to the police station. There is another detective there, played by John McConnell, and tells him that he has no proof except he is new. There is a secretary there played by Veronica Russell who seems to be a better as a detective than both of them.

Delahoussaye then goes and kills another of Wynne’s friends, this time Miller at her house. He uses a corkscrew into her ear. He then uses the parts to create some food to feed to Morgan. She loves it and he has the job. Polit then shows up for a cake that will be served at the party. She flirts with him and him with her, much to the disgust of Morgan.

Delahoussaye continues to kill off Wynne’s bridesmaids to make the feast for her reception as well as make other foods with them. Will the police catch on before it is too late? McLachlan knows it is him, but can he convince McConnell? Is anyone safe from the statue of Ishtar?

I have to say there wasn’t much I liked. The music for this film was good. This film is outrageous in part to being a comedy and that is partly why the acting is so bad in this film as well. There is also a lot of gore. I also didn’t mind this being a sequel, as it takes place a long time after the original so none of the same characters are needed to be used. I liked that Dellahoussaye was the grandson of the original Fuad Ramses. I should also point out that the bride and all of the bridesmaids are attractive and most of them are nude at some point.

Now this film has a lot of issues for me. I don’t like that it is a comedy. The original wasn’t all that good and was very cheesy. This one seems to want to be over the top and it didn’t catch with me. The acting was bad due to this, the gore was way over the top and the police are horrible bumbling. The women also do not act normal in modeling lingerie and getting naked. I know this is just for the entertainment factor. There really wasn’t much that made this enjoyable.

This film is a sequel to a cult classic. The original was a straight horror film and this one decided to add comedy to it. I don’t think it was very funny; it was mostly over the top in everything. The acting wasn’t good; there was a lot of gore, but it was too fake. I do like that they connect the main character in this film to the original killer, but I would like to see them take this more serious. I wouldn’t recommend this film unless you love bad gory films or want to see all the films in this series.


My Rating: 3 out of 10